Bose Professional Releases DesignMax Series Of Loudspeakers

New line includes 10 loudspeakers and two subwoofers—including ceiling- and surface-mounted options available in either black or white.
Bose Professional DesignMax loudspeakers

Bose Professional announces that its new DesignMax family of loudspeakers has begun shipping in Europe and will be available in the U.S. in November.

DesignMax delivers the performance needed while providing the flexibility and style to blend into any commercial space. Consisting of 10 loudspeakers and two subwoofers—including ceiling- and surface-mounted options available in either black or white—system designers can tailor DesignMax to fit applications of any application.

DesignMax loudspeakers are available in a wide range of sizes, from 2-inch low-profile models to 8-inch woofer models with a coaxially-mounted compression driver. All models deliver instantly impressive sound with no equalization adjustments or digital signal processing required. Select models leverage the Bose Dispersion Alignment system to provide wide and consistent off-axis response—so everyone experiences premium sound throughout the space.

When DesignMax is paired with select Bose DSPs and smart amplifiers, even greater performance levels can be reached. Bose EQ voicings enable increased sound quality and clarity while SmartBass processing delivers enhanced sound at any listening level.

The elegant form factors include surface enclosures, sleek, minimum-bezel grilles and removable logos allowing DesignMax to blend with any décor. The unique design of the surface-mounted models feature hidden U-brackets ensuring the loudspeakers are held closer to the wall while providing a much cleaner appearance.

For installers, unique QuickHold mounting mechanisms on each DesignMax loudspeaker make installation easier, reduce strain and hassle, and save substantial time in the field. The surface-mounted models snap into the QuickHold U-bracket, which allows installers to adjust the pitch then lock the loudspeaker in place to complete the installation. For ceiling-mounted models, the loudspeakers simply push into the ceiling opening where the QuickHold mounting arms spring into place to hold the loudspeaker securely to complete the installation.

All models include Euroblock connectors, with ceiling-mounted models including plenum-rated backcans, tile-bridges, and front-access audio wiring making installation and troubleshooting easier.

Bose Professional

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