Bosch Communications Systems Adopts Audinate Dante Networking Solution

Audinate has announced that Bosch Communications Systems has entered into a company-wide license agreement to implement Dante audio networking solution into their products.

The agreement allows all Bosch brands including Electro-Voice (EV), Dynacord, Telex, Midas, Klark Teknik and Bosch to incorporate Dante.

“Dante will become the foundation of our Common Audio Protocol (CAP) communications solution across the Bosch Communication Systems companies,” said Bill Scott, Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Bosch Communications Systems. “We selected Dante because of its ease-of-use, lower latency and scalability.”

Audinate’s patent-pending Dante solution provides a no-hassle, self-configuring, plug-and-play digital audio network that uses standard Internet Protocols.

Dante is a scalable solution that works on both 100Mbits and 1Gigabit Ethernet. Using Dante, many bulky cables that are typically needed to provide point-to-point analog wiring for AV installations are eliminated.

Dante combines industry-leading low latency and sample-accurate playback timing with the convenience and economy of using today’s standard computer networking hardware. In addition, incorporated within Dante is an innovative automatic device discovery and system configuration capability.

With this capability, specialized skills are no longer needed to set-up and manage an audio and video media network. Taken together, these capabilities now make AV networking a very simple, realistic and attractive proposition.

“Bosch is recognized as one of the of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional audio solutions in high-profile installations and events communication equipment. We are pleased that Bosch Communications Systems will be incorporating Dante into their solutions as their networking platform,” said David Myers, COO, Audinate.

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