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Bobby Owsinski Releases 4th Edition Of Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

Updated book delineates mixing into easily understandable steps, showing musicians, songwriters, audio engineers, and producers how to get great mixes.

Bobby Owsinski‘s The Mixing Engineer‘s Handbook has been offered in thousands of university-level recording and media courses around the world for more than a decade.

The book delineates the delicate art of mixing into discrete, easily understandable steps, showing musicians, songwriters, audio engineers, and producers exactly how to get great mixes.

Published by BOMG Publishing and topping out at over 300 pages packed with insider tips and tricks, the completely revised and updated The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook 4th Edition provides the latest techniques for creating pro-level mixes, even in a home DAW-based studio.

Along with the rich source of information from the previous versions, the latest edition also includes new sections on immersive audio, online mastering alternatives, and new and updated hit-mixer interviews. Best of all, the information is presented so that anyone can learn both the basic and advanced skills required to improve their mixes.

Among the many topics covered in the book include:
—The six main elements of a mix that every engineer must know
—The secrets of equalization and the “magic frequencies” that make vocals and instruments come to life
—Tips and tricks for adding effects, sonic layering, and calculating delay times
—The rules of arrangement and how they impact your mix in a big way
—Advanced techniques expected of today’s mixer, like track cleanup, adjusting track timing, pitch correction, sound replacement, and automation tips, and much more

The book also features interviews with 25 of the music industry’s most successful and celebrated engineers, who share their expertise, insights, and philosophies about mixing the hundreds of hits they’ve worked on.

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Fourth Edition can be purchased on Amazon, and will also be available at Barnes and Noble and the iTunes book store. Distribution to colleges and universities is through Ingram. A table of contents and book excerpts can be found here, and an Instructors Resource Kit featuring Powerpoint/Keynote presentations, discussion topics and quizzes for a 12 week semester is also available by request.

You can also check out his articles on ProSoundWeb here.

Bobby Owsinski‘s The Mixing Engineer

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