Blue Microphones Offers enCORE 100 And enCORE 200 Series In Black

Blue Microphones introduces a new, all-black design for the enCORE 100 and enCORE 200 live microphones to complement the full enCORE lineup.

The newly restyled enCORE 100 and enCORE 200 provide a darker, sleek aesthetic. Artists can further customize their microphone with included grille color options to match the character of their performance or stage setup.

Both microphones include two grilles: the new matte black option, plus the original chrome grille for enCORE 100 and original rose gold grille for enCORE 200.

The entire enCORE lineup includes:
enCORE 100 (updated): A studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone with a proprietary dynamic capsule custom-tuned for detail, clarity and optimal frequency response. MSRP $99.99

enCORE 100i: A dynamic instrument mic that delivers studio-quality sound for any instrument, on any stage. The custom-designed capsule is tuned by Blue engineers for warm, smooth tone. And the tight cardioid pattern has off-axis noise rejection that focuses the mic on the instrument, not the environment. MSRP $89.99

enCORE 200 (updated): Studio-grade phantom powered active dynamic microphone, custom-tuned for detail and clarity. The proprietary active circuit cuts through dense mixes, ensuring consistent sound regardless of your mic cable length or mixing board location—even if the mixing console is 100 feet away. MSRP $149.99

enCORE 300: A flagship condenser performance microphone that brings the craftsmanship and innovation of Blue’s studio mics, to the stage. enCORE 300 features a proprietary, hand-tuned condenser capsule and provides open, detailed sound for every performance. And the rugged construction ensures enCORE 300 can withstand harsh tour conditions. MSRP $199.99

The new enCORE 100 and 200 designs, along with enCORE 300 and enCORE 100i are available at participating dealers in Canada, UK, Europe and worldwide.

Blue Microphones

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