Blue Announces Mo-Fi Self-Powered Headphones

Onboard 240 milliwatt amplifier takes the burden of power off of mobile devices

Blue Microphones has introduced Mo-Fi headphones (, outfitted with a built-in amplifier matched to high-powered precision drivers

The onboard 240 milliwatt amplifier takes the burden of power off of mobile devices, improving their performance in the process and helping to bridge the gap between mobility and high fidelity.

“When studio monitors transitioned from passive to active, everyone benefitted, and now we’re bringing that innovation to headphones,” says John Maier, CEO of Blue. “With a built-in amp and high-powered drivers, Mo-Fi delivers astounding accuracy, unrivaled fidelity, and detailed imaging, no matter what source you’re plugged in to. Mo-Fi frees you from the confines of the studio, enabling you to take studio-quality listening everywhere and create mixes that translate across all systems.”

Mo-Fi provides three amp settings—On, On+, and Off. When switched to On, Mo-Fi activates the amp to deliver powerful, detailed sound. On+ engages the amp’s analog low-frequency enhancement circuit to enhance bass performance. Off puts Mo-Fi in passive mode for connecting to high-output studio gear. The settings are completely analog, no DSP involved.

Instead of using a fixed “spring loaded” headband structure, Blue invented a multi-jointed headband design that provides adjustability for a variety of head shapes and sizes. The earcups—shaped like ears—stay parallel at all times, creating a tight seal for solid bass response, improved isolation, and reduction of bleed.

“To design Mo-Fi, we began by studying how and where people make and enjoy music,” says Mitch Witten, VP of Product at Blue Microphones. “We set out to completely reimagine the construction, comfort, and fit, without any preconceived notions about what headphones are ‘supposed’ to look like. The result feels less like a headphone, and more like a high-quality instrument you can wear. The listening experience is so immersive and enveloping that it makes you want to revisit your favorite recordings and see what details you’ve been missing.”

For height adjustment, Mo-Fi’s pivoting-arm design allows a wide range of motion and a personalized fit. The earcups float into place or fully extend out of the way when worn around the neck. A headband adjustment knob that allows users to select their preferred pressure and tightness while also further bossing isolation and reducing ambient noise.

The rechargeable battery, charged via micro USB, provides 12-14 hours of actual play time. Mo-Fi senses when the headphones have been removed and automatically turns off to save power. If the battery runs out, Mo-Fi will continue to play in the Off setting.

Mo-Fi (MSRP $349.99) is available now at Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater, and Amazon, and is coming soon to retailers worldwide. For more information, go to

Blue Microphones

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