Blue Announces Mikey Digital Microphone With Lightning Connection

Blue Microphones announces the availability of Mikey Digital with Lightning connection, a stereo microphone for recording on iPhone and iPad.

Mikey Digital is outfitted with twin, custom-tuned condenser capsules with discrete mic pre-amplification and quality A/D conversion, along with built-in gain control.

With Auto Level Sensing technology and multiple gain settings, Mikey Digital protects recordings from distortion, handling audio levels of up to 130 dB. Users can enable it to intelligently adjust to fluctuating volume levels or manually set low sensitivity for loud sources and high sensitivity for quieter sources.

Mikey Digital is equipped with an LED clipping indicator that flashes whenever volume levels are producing distortion, providing immediate feedback to adjust sensitivity for better recording results. Mikey Digital also rotates 230 degrees for optimal positioning. With the reversible Lightning connection, sound can be captured from any direction and align with the front- or rear- facing camera.

Mikey Digital also includes a 3.5 mm stereo input for recording external sources like a lavalier mic, an instrument such as guitar or bass, or line-level signals like a DJ mixer or MP3 player. And, it has a USB pass-thru connection for charging devices while in use, for continuous recording without draining battery life.

“Whether you’re recording a demo track or capturing a live show, Mikey Digital delivers the rich, detailed audio that Blue is known for,” says John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “From the back row of a lecture hall to the front row at a rock concert, Mikey Digital protects your recordings from unwanted distortion and delivers unparalleled 16 bit, 44.1 kHz stereo audio.”

U.S. MSRP for Mikey Digital is $99.99. It’s available at, Sweetwater Sound and coming soon to Best Buy (Canada), Future Shop (Canada), Maplins (UK) and other authorized Blue retailers worldwide.

Blue Microphones

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