Blaze Audio Releases PowerZone Control V1.4 Firmware Update

Latest version of the DSP web app offers an enhanced interface as well as new functionality that includes multi-zone matrixing, configuring priority input and ducking, and more.
The new PowerZone Control Version 1.4 DSP web app is now available from Blaze Audio.

Blaze Audio has announced the new PowerZone Control Version 1.4 DSP web app for the company’s PowerZone Connect full Matrix DSP amplifiers that offers an enhanced interface as well as new functionality.

PowerZone Control facilitates customization of audio/voice systems and provides management of multiple DSP configurations, including multi-zone setup, input mixing, priority and ducking, input and output EQ, S/PDIF output routing, high-pass filter, loudspeaker management and presets, delay, Wall-S1 controller configuration, restrictions, Sine generator, and more.

With the free update, PowerZone Control V1.4 enables a multi-zone matrix experience allowing for the combination of inputs to create four separate mix groups which are available to send to any output. For easier control of special announcements, the new web app has features to configure priority input and ducking to override primary audio (such as background music) throughout the various zones.

The new software also provides virtual parametric EQ on each analog input and all outputs, including a high-pass filter that is designed to provide improved microphone speech clarity and natural sound. In addition, V1.4’s S/PDIF output routing capability facilitates the routing of zones and inputs to S/PDIF and expand the scope of the installation with additional power amplifiers.

Further, Blaze Audio offers presets for commonly installed loudspeaker brands that include Bose, Yamaha, JBL, Sonance, and more. These presets can be customized, renamed, and saved using the PowerZone Control web app directly from a phone.

Finally, V1.4 includes Delay functionality to provide the means to quickly “unify’”the overall sound between loudspeakers at the front of the space and those further back in the room. Integrators can add up to 100.00 ms of delay to any output (112.50 ft/34.3 m). In-room controller configuration capability is designed to make it easy to configure Blaze Audio Wall-S1 controllers as well as third party controller brands such as Crestron, Control4, and Q-Sys.

“Our new PowerZone Control V1.4 makes the process of configuring a wide range of spaces easier than ever, creating new installation opportunities for our PowerZone Connect series,” says Kevin Wilkin, Blaze Audio executive sales director for the Americas, The web app’s interface is intuitive, and the feature set is comprehensive. The result is a highly capable control and configuration package. PowerZone Control is embedded into our PowerZone Connect full Matrix DSP amplifiers and can be accessed from any device and browser via the PowerZone Connect built-in Wi-Fi or RJ45 network port. I’m confident that system integrators will find much to like.”

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