Beyma Unveils New QLEX Series Large-Format Woofers

Includes 21-, 18- and 15-inch models, all with proprietary ferrite drivers as well as the company's new QUATTRO 4-layer voice coil technology.
Beyma Woofers
Two views of the 21QLEX1600Fe, the largest model in the new QLEX Series from Beyma.

Acoustica Beyma has introduced the new QLEX Series of large-format woofers that’s comprised of three models (21-, 18- and 15-inch), all incorporating proprietary ferrite drivers as well as the company’s new QUATTRO 4-layer voice coil technology.

The F.E.A. optimized motor structure of the QLEX Series is designed to raise the Force Factor (BL) of the drivers by a stated amount of nearly 30 percent, which translates to more energy in the gap and a higher degree of overall control of the driver from the amplifier.

In addition, heat dissipation of the QLEX Series is improved due to proprietary Maltcross technology designed to foster handling larger amounts of electrical power and an enhanced total SPL versus weight ratio.

All of these characteristics are intended to deliver optimum performance from the drivers in vented, band-pass and horn-loaded cabinet designs. All models offer these key specs: nominal impedance of 8 ohms; power capacity of 1600 watts (AES); and program power of 3200 watts.

Follow the link of each model number for additional information and specifications: 21QLEX1600Fe, 18QLEX1600Fe and 15QLEX1600Fe.

Acoustica Beyma

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