beyerdynamic Launches Unite Wireless Intercom Bundles

Designed for K-12/universities with stages, houses of worship, performance venues and more.
A new beyerdynamic Unite Wireless Intercom Bundle.

beyerdynamic has announced that its new Unite Wireless Intercom Bundles are now available.

“We developed the 4- ,8-, and 12-unit Unite wireless intercom bundles to help our customers more easily manage their wireless intercom systems. The bundles make it easier to keep the gear updated, charged and ready for its next use,” states Chris Norris, sales manager, Communications. “The key applications for the Unite wireless intercom bundles are for live productions in K-12 schools and universities with stages, houses of worship, and small-to-mid-sized performance venues.

“Our clients in these verticals love the versatility, performance, and durability the Unite system gives them. With its 980-foot range and 20-hour battery life, Unite is an elegant wireless intercom solution at a very cost-effective price point.”

New bundles include:

1-TP Unite bodypack transmitter – Optimized for speech and includes an external microphone or headset connector. It also includes DSP function, three audio interfaces (USB, analog and Bluetooth), and a mute function.

3-, 7- or 11-RP-T Unite bodypack receivers – Includes a talkback button and has an integrated microphone, alternative headset connection, DSP functions, a stated long operating time, and a connectable inductive loop for hard of hearing users.

4-, 8-, or 12-DT 287 Unite single-ear headsets – An 80-ohm headset with beyerdynamic’s signature earcup and headband. It’s driven by a neodymium magnet system and includes a 0.9-meter cable with a Unite K 287 connector.

A 4-slot CDS-4/2, 8-slot CDD-8/4 Cockpit desktop charger and/or 12-slot CR-12P rack charger that include charging slots for both handheld and pocket devices. An Ethernet connection allows for network integration for extended configuration, firmware updates, monitoring, and pairing. To protect against unauthorized listening, a code is generated by the charger that is transmitted to the device during the pairing process to secure the channel. It also has a function switch for pairing and reset and a USB-C connector for pairing and charging.

Go here for more specifics on Unite products.


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