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Beyerdynamic Introduces CUSTOM ONE PRO Headphone

New Interactive Headphones Create a Unique Listening Experience

The new CUSTOM ONE PRO is a professional quality headphone concept for studio or home that allows the user to experience a completely interactive listening session.

An all-in-one solution for any desired acoustic scenario, the versatile new headphones feature Beyerdynamic’s specially designed CUSTOM Sound Slider, which allows the user to switch the audio mix of their music between 4 completely unique mix profiles.

The mix profiles range from a more analytical sound to the contemporary “heavy bass” sound, and can be quickly adjusted according to the listener’s taste or to the music style. The headphone is expertly engineered with a closed, variable noise reduction design that creates isolated sound and cuts out ambient noise without the need for batteries.

The German- handcrafted CUSTOM ONE PRO headphone also sports a number of high-end style features such as fully customizable, changeable style plates that lock into the outer part of the ear cups.

Users can go online at to choose from hundreds of style plate designs and find the perfect combination to suit their personal style. Additionally, the headband and ear cup pads are available for purchase in different colors according to taste and preference.

Moveable yokes and a sturdy spring-steel adjustable headband allow for a snug fit, and high quality, durable pads create longwearing comfort without fatigue. The headphone comes with a single-sided cable featuring a gold-plated mini stereo jack plug (3.5mm) and a 1/4” (6.35mm) adaptor, and can be customized to different desired lengths and applications ranging from studio use to gaming (available for separate purchase). 

“Beyerdynamic invented the dynamic headphone 88 years ago, and now they have created the world’s most versatile headphone”, commented Dave Hetrick, National Sales Manager for Beyerdynamic’s US distributor American Music & Sound. He continued, “The CUSTOM One Pro is custom in every way…you can adjust the acoustic mix to your taste, change the look and color to match your style, change the cable for your preferred application…whatever you want. It’s a truly unique product.”

The CUSTOM One Pro is priced at $199 and is available now at authorized Beyerdynamic retailers worldwide.

• CUSTOM Sound Slider- a variable bass reflex system featuring 4 distinct audio mixes
• Closed headphone with variable noise reduction
• Versatile design with replaceable and customizable ear plate accessories
• High efficiency due to 16-Ohm drivers
• Rugged headband made of spring steel
• Single-sided, plug-in type connecting cable
• Soft, replaceable and customizable ear and headband pads
• Gold-plated mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) & 1/4” adapter (6.35 mm)
• Compatible with smart phones and most tablet devices


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