Belfast Systems Integrator Niavac Upgrades Inventory With AKG CS3 Conferencing System

Belfast-based AV presentation system specialists Niavac has upgraded its rental inventory by investing in an AKG CS3 conference system.

According to Niavac MD James Conlon, the “plug and play” solution is already proving popular with customers, particularly in the educational and healthcare segments, which form part of the company’s core business. The system was sold to Niavac through Sound Technology Ltd., which distributes Harman Professional  products throughout the UK and ROI.

Although Niavac—which has been in operation for over 50 years—have run AKG previously in its hire fleet, the company canvassed the market to look for the most suitable options before readopting the brand.

“We were recommended to AKG by a third party,” states Conlon, “but we also looked at the offerings of the other market leaders. I did a complete trawl and then contacted distributors Sound Technology Ltd, placing an order for a 30-station system.”

The old AKG system, he said, had served the company well for many years but was reaching the end of its useful life. “And since we’re staging high end conferences and board meetings in areas such as education, healthcare and the private sector, we wanted to replace like for like, but with a superior solution,” he adds.

The CS3 System is a modular and flexible conference system suitable for any venue—from corporate boardrooms to council chambers—and its components can be easily set up dnd scaled to suit the application (for instance, one CS3 base unit can support 60 microphones which connect to all relevant devices like PA, recording, external audio sources and camera control systems). The CS3 microphone station comes with a robust interface connector, which makes it easy to interchange the mics, which come in two detachable versions.

Niavac is also a major system integrator in Northern Ireland, supplying microphones and portable racks regularly to the education segment. “We needed the new system quickly, and having had a demonstration of some of the other brands AKG won out on sheer quality, the reliability we had experienced with the brand before, its ease of operation, its competitive price and the fact that it would sit easily in our existing transit boxes,” Conlon says. “Also, it looked very corporate-friendly; with other systems we reviewed [operators] were confused by the button pressing protocols.”

To emphasize his point, Conlon states that one of the company’s key clients, the local Healthcare Trust “absolutely love it,” adding, “they will attach it to amps, speakers and handheld radio mics.”

Sound Technology Ltd.
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