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Behind The Scenes: LSI Loudspeaker Demo At NAMM 2019

DcSoundOp talks with veteran engineer, author and educator, Nicholas Radina about technical details behind the loudspeaker showcase.

In this video we talk with veteran engineer, author and educator, Nicholas Radina about a unique gig. Working with ProSoundWeb & Live Sound International they’ve been bringing the Live Sound Loudspeaker Demo showcase to audiences around the country for the past few years.

It was an awesome experience to spend time with Nicholas, Keith & Kevin to see first hand what it’s all about this past January at The 2019 NAMM Show. They transformed the arena at the Anaheim Convention Center into an in-the-round loudspeaker demonstration that was as fun as it was informative to visit.

Acting as A1 for the event, Nicholas was gracious enough to come on the channel and take us through the technical details of how they make it all happen.

With around a dozen loudspeaker manufacturers participating in each showcase, making sure things are handled efficiently, accurately and fairly at each demo is critical. Keeping things at safe levels and ensuring a consistent listening environment across multiple days of near non-stop demos is also important to everyone involved.

If you’ve never attended a showcase like this, it really is a unique experience. Usually if you’re lucky enough to get to demo a line array, you’d be happy to get two systems side by side at a time. Many demos are not in ideal acoustic spaces. Warehouses, parking lots & workshops are common they are available and you just make do.

With this type of showcase however, you get the opportunity to listen to each system many times throughout the weekend. There is a wide variety of program material and a far bigger sample size of systems in the same space to help provide context. I’d suggest getting out and experiencing one for yourself at the next opportunity.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming full interview with Nicholas, where we talk about his work as a freelance audio professional, a musician and a touring monitor engineer with popular band O.A.R. That one is being edited right now, but will be out soon both in video and on the DcSoundOp Podcast. Check out the podcast on iTunes & Spotify.


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