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Beartooth Tours The World With Allen & Heath

Ohio-based hardcore act takes on festival season with dual dLive C1500 surfaces and DM48 MixRacks at front of house and monitors.

Ohio-based hardcore act Beartooth, is currently touring around the world, taking on festival season with two dLive Wings set-ups from Allen & Heath.

Danny Harvey (front of house engineer) explains, “The size of the C1500 is ideal for travelling, being able to fly with it is amazing and having that much power in two fly cases is perfect for international acts, making their sound consistent all over the world.”

“I love the way dLive sounds and how easy it is to customize everything. At the bigger festivals I always manage to get positioned front middle on the front of house tent due to the C1500’s small footprint.”

Supplied by V2 Productions for their US dates and Captured Live for shows in Europe, the band’s set up consists of two dLive C1500 surfaces, paired with two DM48 MixRacks, covering both front of house and monitors. Additionally, the front of house console is equipped with a Waves card, used for multi-track recording and virtual soundcheck.

C1500 at FOH (Credit – Danny Harvey – @dannylharvey)

Harvey also makes full use of the consoles internal features, including the onboard DEEP plugins, commenting “I use the 16T on my drums and groups, 16VU compressor on my vocals and the Dyn8’s multiband compressor on various groups and my main LR – they sound great and help keep the size of our set up down to a minimum as there’s less need for outboard rack FX. I can put all these processors on every channel without needed any extra gear.”

The band themselves have also noticed a consistency in sound across each show and the difference dLive has made, Harvey explains, “When we changed to dLive the band noticed such a change in their IEMs, everything was a lot clearer and having the DEEP plugins and the multibands on their LR mixes was game changing.”

“All in all, dLive is small, powerful, consistent, user friendly and it sounds great.”

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