Beach City chose K-array For Salzburgerland Resort Tournaments

To beat the summer heat, even a landlocked country such as Austria is finding that the beach is the best way to stay cool.

Hosting a slew of national and international sand volleyball and beach soccer tournaments for professionals and amateurs alike in the Salzburgerland resort, Zell am See, organizers Beach City chose K-array for the sporting events and after party.

Beach City had not been satisfied with the PA system in previous years especially since the audience with the widest distance from the PA wasn’t able to clearly hear the play-by-play and announcements throughout the games. This year they tasked Austrian distributors, Musik Lenz to produce a high end, high-powered audio system with optimal coverage even for the farthest spot in the audience.

Since center court was located in a high traffic area in the heart of the city, project manager Gerald Hollaus selected two K-array KH15 mid-hi line array elements paired with a KO40 subwoofer per side to reach the whole audience for perfect coverage of the entire location.

End user DJ Christoph Voithofer-Galgoczy. was very captivated by K-array´s capabilities and profusely complimented the system: “I’ve never had such superb quality for music and speech reinforcement.”

Beach City organizers were also very pleased with the power and high quality of K-array that the system was used two additional times in July and August at the same location.


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