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BASSMAXX Announces Compact SSP215 Subwoofer

New BASSMAXX SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer Delivers Output Comparable to Many Double 18” Subs from a Compact Double-15” Cabinet

BASSMAXX announces their new SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer , a dual 15-inch loudspeaker powered by a 4000W amplifier with comprehensive onboard DSP.

With a low height of only 17.5 inches, this powerful subwoofer can be placed under low stages and ceilings, and in tight corners where larger boxes won’t fit.

Its largest dimension is 48 inches wide, which, when turned on end, makes the box an excellent stack platform for getting top boxes above the heads of the audience. The depth is a mere 22.5 inches, allowing it to be placed in front of stages with minimal loss of audience area. In addition, it’s compact size makes the SSP215 a perfect truck-pack size.

It also can serve as a drum monitor sub that minimizes space but maximizes impact.

The SSP215 is ideal for the mobile professional who needs substantial bass output but has limited transport space. For installations in lounges or restaurants where sound quality is a priority and space is limited, the SSP215 will comfortably take the place of double 18 inch boxes without loss of output or diminished frequency range while taking significantly less floor space.

The SSP215 is tuned low, providing linear response down to 35Hz (±3 dB) for use as a real subwoofer, with long-excursion, low distortion 15 inch woofers. Thanks to the lower mass of the 15 inch cones, it delivers a tight, punchy sound as well as the deep, rolling bass.

The included amplifier provides 2400W to the on-board woofers. In addition, the amplifier can power a second matching cabinet, providing a total of 4000W.

The SSP215 is a 4800W program rated double 15. The woofers have 4-inch voice coils and a power handling rating of 1200W rms and 2400W program each. The DSP features 96 hz, 24 bit processing, and provides high-pass and low-pass filtering, limiting and time alignment functions.

Controls include an input attenuator and mute button.  Touring options include a 4-wheel transport cart with locking casters and covers for one, two or three cabinets on a cart. Installation versions are available with 16 x 3/8” threaded flypoints, and the included amplification and processing package can be ordered in a 2-space rack chassis.

All BASSMAXX products come with the BASSMAXX “Sound Defense” warranty that covers failed drivers, including burned voice coils, for two years. If a voice coil, or any other part, fails within the warranty period, replacement parts will be provided without charge.

The SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer is $5148.00 MSRP.

When sold as a powered-passive combination of two subs as the PowerBASS Pair they are $3905.00 each MSRP.



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