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BASSBOSS Unveils New VS21 “Rum Punch” Powered Subwoofer

21-inch woofer in hybrid vented short horn enclosure designed to deliver exceptional transient response

BASSBOSS has introduced the VS21 “Rum Punch,” a 21-inch, horn-loaded, powered subwoofer.

“In designing the VS21 I set out to create a product that combined the low-frequency extension of our vented dual 18-inch subwoofers with the hard-hitting punch of our horn-loaded subwoofers,” explains BASSBOSS president David Lee. “Now with the ‘Rum Punch,’, users no longer have to choose between deep or punchy subwoofers. The VS21 gives you both.

He continues, “It can satisfy the demands of everything from hard-hitting, live kick drums to the deep, rolling bass of an 808. Whether for shows that span a lot of genres, or simply because you want a subwoofer that can do it all, the VS21 has you covered.”

The VS21’s hybrid vented short horn enclosure is designed to deliver exceptional transient response due to performance efficiencies at the upper end of its operating range. This is expressed as a fast attack, desirable for acoustic instruments like kick drums and bass guitars.

The enclosure is also optimized for low-frequency depth due to a large acoustical volume, low tuning, and the displacement of the long-excursion 21-inch woofer. Frequency response is stated as 27 Hz to 100 Hz, with 132 dB of continuous output.

“We combined the best attributes of our vented and horn-loaded subwoofers, so the two sections are able to work in tandem, damping each others’ resonances. This makes the system neutral and transparent sounding,” says Lee. “Extended, flat frequency response and massive dynamic power are desirable for any style of music, and are why the VS21 ‘Rum Punch’ really can do it all.”

The VS21 measures 36 x 24 x 36 inches (h x w x d), and the enclosure is made from 18mm Baltic Birch plywood with dado joints and stainless steel hardware. It is finished with a rugged, touring-grade, waterproof, polyurea coating.

Power is supplied by a built-in 2,400-watt (RMS) amplifier that includes processing for “plug-and-play” operation. An included low-pass filter provides a broad, flat frequency response without the need for any EQ. The VS21 also offers a limiter system that protects the woofer from thermal and overexcursion damage.

“So many venues and festivals play host to performances that span the full gamut of genres, and sometimes even in the same night,” comments BASSBOSS CEO Lian Amber. “The VS21 combines several innovative BASSBOSS subwoofer technologies in a single product, which is designed to outperform other options in both quality and versatility in every environment. For anyone who has been waiting for a sub that can handle whatever you throw at it, the VS21 ‘Rum Punch’ has arrived.”

The new VS21 will be shipping in late August and is priced at $3,995 (USD).


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