BASSBOSS Introduces LA88 Small-Format Line Array

BASSBOSS introduces its LA88 small-format line array; a lightweight cabinet with broad coverage, long throw and built-in 3000W class D amplifier.

“We designed the LA88 line array to offer extensive output from a minimal frontal area,” explains BASSBOSS president and founder David Lee. “By employing a narrow aperture wave-guide and then rapidly transitioning the output to a flat fascia, the LA88 is able to deliver up to 140 degrees of coverage, reaching oft-neglected audience areas to the far left and right of speaker hangs.” Ready to fly at a lean 55 lbs each, the LA88’s dimensions (25.25 wide x 19.5 deep and 9.75-inches high) can hang with an overall width of 28.5-inches with rigging pins inserted in the flyware, leaving clean sight lines and the ability to pass through 30-inch doors while pinned together on their optional transport and ground-support cart.

The LA88 also delivers +-3 db from 50Hz to 18,000Hz in full-range mode. Subwoofer integration also enables the LA88 to deliver even higher levels of output by activating satellite mode, which engages a high-pass filter that maximizes midrange output. BASSBOSS offers flyware-compatible 15-, 18- and 21-inch subwoofers that can fly above or serve as support platforms below the LA88s.

The LA88 sports a 3000W EIAJ Powersoft class D amplifier which can operate on mains voltages from 90 to 250V, ensuring compatibility with all power supplies worldwide.

“The decision to make a 3000W small-format line-array was based on practicality and logic,” Lee says. “An extraordinarily capable, small, lightweight, and versatile cabinet that can array in multiples for outstanding performance is the best way to take advantage of all the benefits of line-array technology. Longer lines offer better vertical directivity. Multiple smaller line segments provide superior and more detailed control of vertical coverage. Thus for the same weight, a larger quantity of small, powerful boxes offers better performance, coverage and control than fewer, bigger boxes.”

The LA88 achieves maximum midrange propagation by using BASSBOSS’s proprietary multi-aperture summing technology. The technology compression loads the LA88’s 8-inch drivers to improve midrange sensitivity, while dividing the summed acoustical output over multiple small apertures, allowing the mid frequencies to sum coherently on the vertical axis for longer throw and better definition.

The apertures also improve horizontal dispersion by narrowing the mid frequency radiating area. Box-to-box high-frequency device vertical coupling is optimized to allow the LA88’s high frequency drivers to perform more efficiently and project high frequencies over greater distance using less power. The result is improved clarity at distance and greater overall reliability.

The LA88’s cabinets are made in the USA from premium Baltic Birch. Touring versions are finished in a black polyurethane bedliner coating. Touring flyware and metalwork is available in powder coated black or decorative bright-brushed aluminum. Indoor installation versions are available in white or black with matching or contrasting flyware. A waterproof fiberglass finish is available for permanent outdoor installations. These weatherized versions also feature waterproof passive input wiring and rack-mount amplifiers.

“BASSBOSS continues to push perceived limits and exceed expectations with the LA88 Line Array,” says CEO Lian Amber. “Thanks to David Lee’s passion to innovate, never before has a small-format line array delivered such a compelling combination of massive power, long throw, broad coverage and fine detail. It is a must-have solution for applications where intensity, clarity and extensive coverage are demanded but the system size and weight is limited. The LA88 essentially introduces a new class of line array, for where bigger and heavier boxes can’t fly and where less effective and less powerful boxes can’t reach.”

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