Bassboss Introduces 21-Inch DJ21S Subwoofer

Features built-in DSP processing, including high-pass and low-pass filters, as well as proprietary Bassboss limiters and other protections

Bassboss has announced the DJ21S, a single 21-inch powered subwoofer with frequency response that goes all the way down to 24 Hz.

The DJ21S delivers the deep-bass SPL level of four or more competing subwoofers, providing mobile DJs with an opportunity to bring bigger sound using less equipment, a smaller vehicle and less time and effort.

“The DJ21S is designed to deliver superb low frequency response at an accessible price point for DJs and installation applications that demand big performance but prefer a small cabinet,” says Bassboss president David Lee. “It’s a truly compact sub that can deliver the extreme depth demanded by today’s cutting-edge music, while maintaining critical listening clarity.”

The DJ21S was carefully designed to minimize material costs and weight while delivering peak sound performance. The DJ21S’s new 21-inch woofer is designed to operate in smaller enclosures.

Bassboss chose a split-wound coil because it can produce more linear force through the range of movement of the cone, resulting in lower distortion and improved linearity at high output. The driver features a split-wound, 4.5-inch, 4-layer, copper-clad aluminum voice coil, capable of peak-to-peak excursion of up to 60 mm.

To take advantage of the displacement of the new 21-inch woofer, the vented enclosure is tuned to optimize low frequency output using a large port. The port walls double as cabinet bracing and the port air flow serves to cool the amplifier. The total package weighs only 138 pounds, making it remarkably small and light for a subwoofer capable of 24Hz. At only 35 x 24 x 24-inches, it can be transported by one person in a hatchback or small SUV.

The DJ21S combines light and low with loud, offering 132 dB SPL of sustained output. Its built-in amplifier supplies 2400 watts of continuous RMS Class D power for plenty of headroom. The frequency response of the DJ21S is +-3dB from 24Hz to 90Hz, with the greatest output level, +2.5 dB, occurring at 30 Hz.

The DJ21S features built-in DSP processing, including high-pass and low-pass filters, as well as proprietary Bassboss limiters and other protections to eliminate the risk of driver overload of any kind. The protection systems effectively prevent overheating of the voice coils and minimize long-term thermal compression while having virtually no effect on the transient response and peak output of the loudspeaker. No outboard equipment or processing is needed, only power and a signal source.

With cabinets are constructed from 18mm Baltic Birch plywood and assembled using dado joints, screws, and advanced composite adhesives, the DJ21S is rugged enough to withstand load-in and load-out day after day.

Stainless steel bolts are used to secure the drivers, amplifier and pole sockets for a lifetime of secure service. A durable black polyurethane coating serves as the cabinets finish. A black powder-coated perforated steel grill protects the driver from damage. The woofer cones are waterproofed to guard against accidental exposure to rain, spilled drinks, or dust.

The new DJ21S is shipping now and priced at $2995.00 each.



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