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BassBoss Implements Powersoft Amplifier Modules To Drive AT212 Loudspeakers

Available wattage doubles while increasing sound quality and dynamic power

Austin-based powered loudspeaker manufacturer BassBoss has announced a refresh of its 2-way, self-powered, bi-amplified AT212 powered loudspeaker, which now utilizes a Powersoft Digimod 3004PFC2 amplifier module that doubles the available wattage from 1500 watts to 3000 watts and delivers improved sound quality and higher dynamic power while maintaining light weight and portability.

“The big difference with the Digimod 3004PFC2 is that it isn’t just more, it’s more AND better. The sound quality of this module is a huge part of its appeal. Its combination of resolution and detail with massive dynamic power allowed us to take the AT212 from competitive to imperative,” says BassBoss president David Lee. “The AT212-3K provides an impressive 6 dB of increased output beyond the original without any significant change to weight or size. That’s remarkable on its own, but the “I must have those” responses we hear when demonstrating these boxes are reactions to the sound quality more than the sound pressure level.”

The Bassboss AT212-3K

DigiMod 3004PFC2 is the first of a new generation of DigiMod models. Utilizing a power supply design that features both Powersoft’s patented single stage Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Smart Rails Management (SRM), the DigiMod 3004PFC2 delivers optimal performance under any operating conditions with efficiency and minimal power consumption. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) allows predictability and eliminates intermodulation artifacts, while built-in protection mechanisms including limiting work to ensure longevity.

The AT212-3K includes additional upgrades to capitalize on the advanced amplification of the DigiMod 3004PFC2, including new, more sensitive 12-inch woofers, now with 4-inch voice coils for increased power handling, longer excursion, and deeper bass response, all while improving midrange articulation.

The DM3004’s peak output voltage of 150V allows the AT212-3K to produce 142 dB peaks and sustained output of 136 dB from a cabinet that weighs only 89 lbs. The AT212-3K maintains the same slim-profile, tight-pack arrayable form factor and rugged Birch construction of its predecessor, so it remains portable and easily installable.

The AT212-3K will launch with $4,795 MSRP and $3,895 MAP.



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