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One of the three stages at the Big Fam festival in Northern Michigan equipped with BASSBOSS AT212 loudspeakers and VS21 subwoofers.

BASSBOSS For All Stages At 2022 Big Fam Festival In Michigan

Annual event offering patrons camping, music, and art in a Northern Michigan pine forest had three stages outfitted with AT212 powered loudspeakers joined by VS21 powered subwoofers.

The performance stages at this year’s Big Fam festival, which offers patrons a weekend of camping, music, and art in a scenic Northern Michigan pine forest in early September, were equipped with sound reinforcement systems employing BASSBOSS AT212 two-way, dual 12-inch powered loudspeakers as mains joined by VS21 powered subwoofers.

“We used BASSBOSS at all three stages and it blew away expectations,” notes festival director Aaron Weidner. “We don’t have a ‘main stage’ at Big Fam. We want every stage to feel the same energy — and BASSBOSS helped us accomplish that.”

Weidner started out as a DJ system provider where he empliyed BASSBOSS loudspeakers, and when it came time for he and co-director Kevin Kreta to choose a PA for their annual festival, they knew what the BASSBOSS could do.

“I was proud to say that every stage had a BASSBOSS system because I knew that all the artists’ music was being heard and appreciated as it was meant to be,” Kreta says. “The dynamic range and clarity is unmatched. I would go to a show specifically to experience BASSBOSS.”

Festival director Kat Fisher adds, “BASSBOSS is such an integral part of the experience we are trying to create at Big Fam Festival. At the Bayou stage, we designed the space with great intention to activate all senses, to find the perfect balance of music and art, and light and sound. And honestly, we just couldn’t accomplish that without BASSBOSS.

“BASSBOSS helps us create a sound experience for our guests, with sound you can feel. A balanced sound that provokes a vibration in each and every one of us in the audience that resonates and connects us, for that moment in time. Sometimes you don’t only listen with your ears, but you feel the music in your whole body. These are the experiences that people remember from a festival, and Big Fam Festival just wouldn’t be the same without it.”


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