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Barstool Sports Forms Technology & Marketing Partnership With Yamaha Unified Communications

Yamaha UC's conferencing products installed at Barstool's new headquarters to help educate consumers on the value of professional meetings.
Yamaha UC Revolabs FLX UC 1000/1500 USB and VoIP conference phones were installed in 14 offices in Barstool's new facility

Yamaha Unified Communications has announced a partnership to deploy its portfolio of conferencing products at the New York headquarters of Barstool Sports, a sports and lifestyle multimedia company. Yamaha UC is also sponsoring Barstool’s podcasts and videos, targeting the company’s millions of monthly subscribers that include end-users as well as IT and AV professionals.

“We have people not only in the office but also out in the field,” says Pete Overmyer, head of media technology and production at Barstool. “It’s vital that we are able to quickly and easily communicate with them, whether that’s in meetings at headquarters or on a sales call taken on the road. Yamaha UC’s commitment to quality and its support reflects the same values of the Barstool brand.”

Yamaha UC supplied the company with a customized conference package to address a variety of meeting spaces. The sales team has been provided with YVC-200 portable USB + Bluetooth personal speakerphones, and 10 Revolabs FLX UC 1000/1500 USB and VoIP conference phones are installed in 10 private call rooms and four conference rooms in the new facility. In addition, two CS-700 video sound collaboration bars were installed, providing a combination of audio and video conferencing technology integrated into one system.

The Barstool sales team has been provided with Yamaha UC’s YVC-200 portable USB + Bluetooth personal speakerphones

In addition, Barstool is currently testing Yamaha UC’s latest UC products, the SIP CS-700 video sound bar as well as the ESB-1080 Enterprise sound bar and Collaboration Kit. The SIP model of the CS-700 integrates PBX and UC applications, allowing Barstool to bridge telephone calls and web conferences . The Collaboration Kit bundles the ESB-1080 with an AI wide-angle USB camera from Huddly, a manufacturer of AI-powered conference cameras.

“Barstool’s audience is made up of commercial AV users who are wrestling with evolving workplace and technology meeting expectations,” says Michael Fitch, vice president of global sales and marketing at Yamaha Unified Communications. “By partnering with the company, we can reach those users and educate them on the benefits of UC technology that delivers intuitive and superior quality meetings. The deployment at Barstool’s headquarters is the perfect use case for them to learn more.”

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