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Suspended 1 SOUND Cannon C6 loudspeakers in white deliver coverage at the new Avra Estiatorio location in Manhattan.

Avra Estiatorio Goes Upscale With 1 SOUND At New Rockefeller Center Location

Anthem SSL Productions outfits new multi-level restaurant for up to 500 with Cannon C6 and Tower LCC44 loudspeakers in a distributed sound design.

Upscale restaurant Avra Estiatorio recently opened a new multi-level venue offering indoor and outdoor dining for up to 500 that’s located in the Time-Life Building across the street from Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan and outfitted with a sound system implemented by Anthem SSL Productions (Mt. Vernon, NY) that utilizes 1 SOUND loudspeakers and subwoofers.

The goal of the sound design was equal coverage throughout the various spaces and intelligible background music for ambience. Cannon C6 coaxial loudspeakers deliver distributed audio throughout the restaurant, suspended with the company’s companion C-Clamps and L-Brackets for adjustable positioning.

For the areas requiring wider coverage, Tower LCC44 column loudspeakers deliver 120-degree horizontal dispersion. They also incorporate a rear-cancellation design that helps reduce reflections from the wall and glass behind it, enhancing sonic intelligibility.

Low frequencies are also reinforced with a distributed approach utilizing SUB310 and FSUB45 subwoofers. Measuring 11.5 and 7.4 inches tall, respectively, they’re concealed under banquettes throughout the restaurant.

Designed by The Rockwell Group to have a “chic Mediterranean courtyard” aesthetic with white backdrops and the use of water and greenery, all of the loudspeakers were provided in white to blend into the interior.

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