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Avlex Introduces New MIPRO ACT-818/828 True Digital Wireless Microphone System

Two new receivers plus handheld and bodypack transmitters

Avlex Corporation has announced the new MIPRO ACT-818/828 wideband true digital wireless receivers and two matching transmitters: the ACT-80T true digital encryptable bodypack transmitter and the ACT-80H true digital encryptable handheld microphone transmitter.

The new ACT-818/828 digital wireless receivers are available in single-channel (ACT-818) and dual-channel (ACT-828) configurations. Both models are true diversity digital systems with absolutely no companding to ensure pristine audio quality. These receivers employ 256-bit encryption that can be enabled/disabled as required.

The receivers operate from 480 MHz to 698 MHz over 3 bands, each with expanded 64 MHz bandwidth. They employ 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio sampling, a true dynamic range of 115 dBA, proprietary SmartEQ with capsule emulation and low latency.

The new ACT-80T is a very small true digital bodypack unit—enabling the transmitter to be conveniently hidden among wardrobe. In addition to direct mute capability, the ACT-80T offers remote mute capability via the optional MJ-70 remote mute switch control—enabling the person wearing the transmitter to easily mute/unmute the transmitter—even when it is buried underneath clothing.

The ACT-80T offers battery life of over 12 hours using two AA batteries, a robust magnesium alloy housing to withstand the abuse typically encountered in the field, a multifunction backlit LCD display for easy viewing of system parameters, shielded controls that prevent accidental operation, and six selectable gain settings.

The MIPRO ACT-80H handheld transmitter has a lightweight magnesium alloy housing that is both rugged and comfortable to hold. It incororates a condenser cardioid capsule for audio quality with superior off-axis and plosive characteristics. It too offers12-plus hours of performance from two AA batteries.

In addition to a manual mute on/off, this unit features an Auto Mute function whereby the transmitter automatically mutes itself when lowered by one’s side, etc. — a means of avoiding feedback when in the hands of unseasoned users.

Rounding out the key features, the ACT-80H includes a multifunction backlit LCD display for easy viewing of system parameters and selectable gain, low cut, and limiting settings among its many features. Top it all off with color end clips for easy identification as well as the choice of black or champagne finishes and the ACT-80H is a tough act to follow.

Fred Canning, national sales manager for Avlex Corporation, states, “The new MIPRO true digital wireless systems deliver outstanding features at an affordable price. They provide an expanded 64 MHz bandwidth, ensuring optimal RF spectrum flexibility.

“These true digital diversity systems include a full-color Vacuum Fluorescent Display for clear viewing, one touch ACT for quick and easy channel setup, SmartEQ with capsule emulation, and 12 hours of battery life,” he continues. “True condenser handheld capsules, auto mute capability, and the world’s smallest digital bodypack, plus the ability to engage 256-bit encryption to ensure secure transmission when needed make MIPRO’s third generation true digital systems able to deliver features not found elsewhere, I’m confident audio professionals will find this a compelling system.”

The new MIPRO true digital wireless system carries the following MSRPs:

• ACT-818 single-channel receiver system (transmitters included): $1,450
• ACT-828 dual-channel receiver system: $1,400
• ACT-80T bodypack transmitter: $725
• ACT-80H handheld transmitter: $725

All models are in stock and available now.

Avlex Corporation

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