Aviom Announces U.S. Demo Loan Program At 2010 Prolight + Sound

Company to make Pro16 and Pro64 digital snakes available to prospective buyers

Aviom announced a brand new initiative at this year’s Prolight+Sound – through the company’s new Demo Loan Program, current and prospective customers in the U.S. will have the chance to experience Pro16 and Pro64 digital snake systems prior to purchase.

“We learned early on, with our personal mixing system, that the best sales pitch we can make for our products is to let people try them and hear them,” says Chandler Collison, director of marketing for Aviom. “This program is designed to let people get that firsthand experience with our audio networking and connectivity solutions as well.

“With a personal mixer, that ‘wow’ comes as soon as you put the headphones on. But with networking products, you need some more time to put the gear through its paces and see how much it can revolutionize what you do with audio.”

Powered by Aviom’s A-Net, Pro16 and Pro64 modules offer plug-and-play simplicity and modular flexibility. The systems are also both easily reconfigured, allowing them to be more flexible and affordable than products with a fixed system size and limited expandability.  Pro16 and Pro64 devices can also be set up without requiring a PC or extensive IT expertise.

Under this program, Aviom will provide I/O racks and network devices according to a customer’s requested specifications. Any person interested in receiving a demo system should contact Aviom or their Aviom representative.

A basic Pro16 digital snake uses I/O modules in blocks of 16 channels to stream audio over a single Cat-5 cable, up to a maximum of 64 channels. 

The modular system design can be changed by simply rearranging the I/O modules, and can support bi-directional snakes of up to 32 x 32 and 48 x 16 channels by adding more I/O modules. 

A more sophisticated technology, the Pro64 Series maintains the speed and simplicity of Pro16 but provides several features important for higher-end installs. Some of these features include a flexible system architecture with single-channel granularity, remote controllable mic preamps, higher channel counts (up to 64 x 64), and support for higher sample rates (up to 192 kHz). 

Pro64 systems can be configured to run as a bidirectional system supporting up to 64 x 64 channels or as a 64-channel true network with no directional limitations on signal flow, regardless of the number of serial or parallel connections.

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