Avid VENUE | S6L-48D Control Surface & VENUE 6.2 Software Now Available

Both new surface and software both designed to provide the control and flexibility to handle larger, more complex live sound productions.
The new Avid VENUE | S6L-48D control surface.

Avid has announced the immediate availability of the new VENUE | S6L-48D control surface and VENUE 6.2 software, both designed to provide the control and flexibility to handle larger, more complex live sound productions.

“With the Avid VENUE | S6L-48D control surface available, we are now shipping all of the S6L expansion surfaces announced last year,” says Al McKinna, director of Live Sound Product Management at Avid. “And with the latest version of Avid VENUE software, engineers and sound designers have new, advanced dual-operator workflows to handle large-scale concert performances, broadcast events and high-end theater productions.”

The VENUE | S6L system platform offers a choice of five surfaces with 16 to 48 faders. These control surfaces can be paired with a choice of three engines, and can be connected to any combination of S6Ls four I/O rack options.

The new VENUE | S6L-48D supplies 48 + 2 faders, 160 assignable knobs, and six integrated touchscreens, The new surface can facilitate dual-operator workflows in live sound productions where quick access is a priority and sounds may be coming from myriad sources, such as large broadcast events and theater productions. And because S6L-48D is part of the S6L Unified Platform, the control surface translates any show file to accommodate its larger frame size, and can be paired with any engine, and any combination of stage rack.

VENUE 6.2 software is designed to provide quick access to a host of parameters and views with a single touch, increasing efficiency. New features include:

— Dual operators–users can designate up to two fader zones on a VENUE | S6L-48D, S6L-32D, or S6L-24D control surface, enabling dual-operator mixing. It offers an effective way to “divide and conquer” front of house (FOH) and monitor mixing on a single S6L surface, as well as faster sound design and show programming.

— Assignable Encoder, where users can touch or click on any parameter on the VENUE Inputs or Outputs page to immediately assign that parameter to the MLM Assignable knob. Any parameter that’s currently on the Assignable Encoder is displayed on the external GUI and highlighted in yellow. This allows users to grab parameters such as an FX send on a vocal and keep it on that encoder while still navigating the console as usual.

— Enhanced event triggers and actions for expanded customization, allowing triggering of more system interactions and allowing events to change almost every editable parameter on the console to speed up a host of workflows.

— Network test mode and enhanced diagnostics, designed to foster easier system prep and better system testing. The Network test mode can be used as a diagnostic tool for system analysis, enabling users to build their rig knowing that all aspects of the system are working correctly.

VENUE software also includes enhanced system logging to capture internal details within all AVB cards in the system, interaction details between all aspects of the network, as well as a simplified method for exporting logs.


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