Avid Presenting Live Webinar With Producer/Engineer Sam Pura

Slated for Thursday, March 9, the multitalented founder of The Panda Studios in California will talk about his many applications of the MBOX Studio USB audio interface followed by an audience Q&A session.

Avid has announced that it is presenting a live webinar with producer/engineer Sam Pura — also a songwriter, session musician and the founder of The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA — on Thursday, March 9 beginning at 1 pm U.S. Eastern time. (Register here.)

The Panda Studios is a complex with three control rooms, two live rooms, and a new MBOX Studio in its gear collection. The webinar will be hosted John Whitcore, the driving force behind MBOX Studio, which is now Sam’s favorite USB audio interface. He will talk about how he uses it to:

— Capture guitar performances and vocals using variable impedance with plugins
— Reamp guitars with the onboard reamp output and his collection of guitar amplifiers
— Run tracking sessions and set up cue mixes with the built-in FX in MBOX Control
— And more!

The audience will also have the opportunity to ask Sam questions in a live Q&A session following the presentation. Again, this free webinar is on Thursday, March 9 starting at 1 pm U.S. Eastern time. Go here to register.


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