Austria’s Kulturhaus Dornbirn Selects Alcons

Since 1982, the Kulturhaus (“culture house”) Dornbirn, Austria is an event center for the entire Vorarlberg region.

After an extensive planning and implementation phase, which was administered already in 2013 by the company Tonplan from Dornbirn, the final step of the installation of Alcons loudspeakers in the main hall of the cultural center took place in 2015.

The sound department of the Kulturhaus Dornbirn, under the direction of Thomas Bischofberger, installed a sound system for the main stalls area consisting of four pieces Alcons QR24 line-source column (2x 12-inch pro-ribbon tweeter, 4x 6.5-inch woofer), which is suitable for installations in difficult acoustic environments.

As centerfill four pieces Alcons LR7 micro line-array (4-inch pro-ribbon tweeter, 1x 6.5-inch woofer) and an Alcons VR12 (6-inch pro-ribbon tweeter, 1x 12-inch woofer) have been installed. Four pieces Alcons VR8 (4-inch pro-ribbon tweeter, 1x 8-inch woofer) act as side-fills, two of which are specifically for the gallery. For stage-lip nearfill four times Alcons SR9 (1x 4-inch pro-ribbon tweeter, 2x 5-inch woofer) are used.

The systems are driven by one Sentinel S10 and two Sentinel S3 amplified loudspeaker controllers. The signal is distributed via a Xilica Neutrino A1616ND and Xilica Rio R1616N Audio Matrix with Dante connection to the Yamaha CL5 / CL3 consoles.

The Sentinel amplifiers are used with the factory presets for the various speakers. The Alcons Sentinels feature a remote IP connection, which also makes it possible to view and edit the current status of each individual output stage via ALControl.

Thomas Jochum, sound engineer of the cultural center, explains the decision for Alcons: “Decisive for our choice were the pro-ribbon transducers of the Alcons systems. These have a superior sound characteristic in the high frequencies, which is very beneficial for our house, as many events are very speech-emphasized. “

“The pro-ribbon components of Alcons enable us to get control over the difficult acoustic conditions in the hall with the QR24 line-source columns,” Jochum continues. “From the first listening tests, the system shined with optimal coverage without any audible level differences, an excellent sound stage – even at high volumes, the pro-ribbon tweeter still sound pleasant – and the excellent combinability of different speaker types. All in all, a no-compromise solution for our requirements. “

The installation and calibration was carried out together with the company Pro Performance Wolfgang Sauter, which is an established distribution partner for Alcons products in Austria.

The Kulturhaus Dornbirn offers a wide range of cultural events: In addition to orchestral and jazz concerts, theater and dance performances and cabaret, conferences and balls take place. The new Alcons sound system supports the demands of the diverse program in an optimum manner.


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