Auralex Releases Pre-Packaged Grab n’ Go Studiofoam Solutions

Auralex Acoustics introduces new Grab n’ Go Acoustics packaging for many of its Studiofoam products.

These new packages make it easy to acoustically treat a room on a tighter budget, and they can be used as a supplemental add-on for existing treatment, for example with Auralex’s Studiofoam Roominator Kits. 

Auralex utilizes a proprietary formula that provides sound absorption capabilities with a material that lasts and lasts, not crumbling or deteriorating.

All of Auralex’s Studiofoam 24x24x2-inch profiles are now available in convenient and affordable 2-Packs. Studiofoam Wedges, Pyramids and SonoTech (all used to eliminate standing waves and flutter echo) are now available along with easy-to-read specs and installation instructions.

LENRD Bass Traps are now packaged in 2-Pack configurations and are effective at smoothing out low-frequency room nodes cost-effectively. Auralex’s Class A fire-rated acoustical treatment, Studiofoam Pro, is also available in 2-Packs of 24x24x1.5-inch panels.

Additional, Studiofoam Wedgies and SonoFlat panels are available in 4-Packs of 12x12x2-inch squares and are a great solution for spot-treating a space for small flutter echo problem areas and a cost-effective choice for accurate sound.

The Auralex pre-packaged Grab n’ Go Studiofoam solutions are now available at authorized Auralex dealers.

Auralex Acoustics

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