Auralex Acoustics Now Offering Roominator Starter Kit

Company also provides a set of placement suggestions to optimize the performance of the setup.
The new Roominator Starter Kit from Auralex.

Auralex Acoustics is now offering the new Roominator Starter Kit, designed to quickly help to improve the acoustics of small- to medium- sized rooms, and to complement the kit, Auralex also provides a set of placement suggestions to optimize the performance of the setup. Roominator Kits and placement information include:

Studiofoam Wedges are panels designed to reduce mid-high frequency reflections, flutter echo, room ring and excessive reverberation. To maximize performance in a project studio or control room, users should consider placing them at the first reflection points located to the sides, front, rear and ceiling above the listening position. To maximize performance in a live room, consider spacing the panels evenly throughout the room and staggering treatment across parallel surfaces.

LENRD Bass Traps are designed for the 90-degree corners of a room. To increase performance, the company advises placing them vertically between adjacent walls and horizontally between a wall and the ceiling. Both Studiofoam Wedges and LENRD Bass Traps can be mounted to standard drywall with the included EZ-Stick Pro Tabs.

In addition, for specific placement suggestions, users can submit a free Personalized Room Analysis form online at The company will diagram the room, including all surfaces with product placement indicated. For a more in-depth analysis, Auralex offers the Room Analysis Plus service. Additionally, users can employ the RLX Room Layout Express App, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, for suggestions about additional Auralex products to improve the sound of their room.

Auralex Acoustics

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