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Audix Introduces M40 And M70 Overhead Ceiling Microphones At 2011 InfoComm

Both mics are easy to install, requiring only that a hole be drilled, with the rest of the installation needing no additional tools

Audix has introduced the M40 and M70 overhead ceiling microphone systems, which are designed to capture and reproduce high quality audio from an overhead ceiling height of eight to ten feet while minimizing room noise and ambient sound.

The M40 features a stylish hanging gooseneck design while the M70 features a low profile flush mount design where the mic disappears from sight. Both systems exhibit complete immunity from RF caused by cell phones and other GSM devices.

Both mics are easy to install, requiring only that a hole be drilled (5/8-inch for M40 or 2-inch for M70), with the rest of the installation needing no additional tools.

The cable is terminated with a Phoenix connector and the mating connector is also provided to complete the cable path of the audio.

An optional plenum rated metal junction box available for jobs where a fire code is required.

The stock M40 comes in white finish with cardioid polar pattern in both 6- and 12-inch lengths. Optional models include choice of hypercardioid and supercardioid polar pattern.

The M70 features a highly directional cardioid capsule on a swivel mount that enables the mic to be angled up to 45 degrees towards the audio source. It is available in a white or satin nickel finish.

Both mics require 18 – 52 volts phantom power for operation. 

List price for the M40 ranges from $375 to $415 depending on capsule, while the M70 lists for $490. 

Audix national sales manager Gene Houck states, “Audix has been pushing forward into the areas of video conferencing and distance learning for the past five years. We have been in close contact with consultants, developers, installers, and integrators, and developers who have given us important feedback on what types of products they would like to see from Audix to help insure the highest possible audio performance in these new applications.” 

“More and more clients,” he continues, “are requesting miniature microphones that are positioned up and away from view, especially for video applications. This is a very difficult task when it comes to microphones because sound quality diminishes with distance, plus you have the inherent problems with room noise, air and heating ducts, and costly installation. We have tried to address all of these issues by coming up with elegant, simple solutions that satisfy the demands of the customer as well as the consultant and the installer.

“The M40 and M70 represent the next phase of product development for our Micros Series of fully integrated miniature condensers. The circuits for these new products represent the very latest achievements in surface mount technology, allowing us to produce a very high output circuit with a very low noise floor. This, in conjunction with new capsule developments, has resulted in a series of ceiling microphones with unprecedented performance in audio, size, style, and price. Audix is excited to be playing a key role in these new emerging industries.”


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