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A perspective of the auditorium and d&b KSL arrays on the new Bee Cave Campus of Austin Ridge Bible Church. (Photo Credit: Idibri and Austin Ridge Bible Church)

Auditorium At New Campus Of Austin Ridge Bible Church In Texas Covered By d&b audiotechnik

KSL arrays driven by new 40D amplifiers joined by a range of supporting components deployed in 2,500-seat sanctuary on the new Bee Cave Campus in Austin.

The 2,500-seat auditorium on the new Bee Cave Campus of Austin Ridge Bible Church in Austin, TX presents contemporary services with a full band, multiple vocalists and several worship leaders that are supported by a sound design headed by d&b audiotechnik KSL arrays enacted by Dallas-based Idibri.

“Our early design effort included matching the room shape and acoustics to the church’s program,” explains Ryan Knox, senior consultant at Idibri. “The initial technology design effort included developing audio, video, and lighting systems that were coordinated with each other and accommodated in the architectural and structural design of the building. And after careful consideration and suggestions, the church chose the d&b KSL-Series.”

The system was developed by Knox working with d&b regional manager Todd Hartman, with d&b ArrayProcessing predictive software playing a key role in helping minimize reflections from walls and other surfaces while maintaining coverage consistency. “The design and performance requirements were determined early in the project, and once LD Systems was brought on, Idibri used their services to facilitate different options,” Knox says. “d&b supported us through the process to help match products to the design.”

LD Systems sales engineer Matt Rhodes notes, “The big thing for us with the d&b loudspeakers was that we needed a system that could support their style of music with plenty of headroom along with the rear rejection to keep the levels on stage down. We worked very closely with the church and Idibri to make sure it would create a great stereo image to as many seats as possible. The technology with their management and prediction software was fantastic and the d&b 40D install amps that we just put in are great while meeting the requirements of an install as opposed to a touring situation.”

Hartmann, who also serves as the primary front of house engineer at the church, adds, “The KSL has been a truly phenomenal system to mix on. The cleanness of the low-end allows for an incredibly impactful transient response, even at lower volumes. The vocals have perfect separation from the other midrange elements in the mix, and the top end is effortless…it never fatigues you. It’s honestly hard for me to go back to mixing on anything else now.”

Specifically, the system employs main left/right arrays that each incorporate eight KSL8 and two KSL12 full-range modules joined by three flown SL-SUB subwoofers along with seven 21S-SUB subwoofers on the floors, and Yi8, Yi7P,and 8S loudspeakers handling various fill needs. Ten 40D amplifiers drive the KSL arrays with a combination of D80, 30D, and 10D models powering the rest.

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