Audio-Technica Releases Expanded ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System

New ATUC-50INT interpretation unit, ATUC-50IU integration unit, and ATLK-EXT165 link extender enhance functionality of the multi-language system.

Audio-Technica is now shipping three new components for its ATUC-50 digital wired discussion system – the ATUC-50INT interpretation unit, the ATUC-50IU integration unit and the ATLK-EXT165 link extender – expanding the functionality of the system.

Designed for ease of use in situations where up to three languages are involved, the ATUC-50INT interpretation unit places control in the hands of interpreters, thanks to the system’s intuitive web remote-based conference management software application. The unit’s straightforward control panel allows easy selection of headphone volume level as well as the choice of floor or relayed language.

Discussion participants can select between the three interpretation channels on their ATUC-50DU discussion units, or the languages can be transferred to an existing language distribution system via the ATUC-50CU control unit. Multi-language discussion recording is also made simple with the ATUC-50CU’s onboard four-channel recorder. The ATUC-50INT is designed as the ideal solution for bi- and tri-lingual discussions and applications where cost-effectiveness is an important consideration. The ATUC-50INT is currently available.

Designed to mount quickly and discreetly on the underside of a table or elsewhere, the ATUC-50IU integration unit gives installers the flexibility to choose the inputs and outputs best suited for a particular installation. ATUC-50IU integration unit mounts discreetly and provides the opportunity for a fully custom integrated installation. It is equipped with two RJ45 ports for connection to other discussion system components, seven Euroblock connectors for audio and control options, and six Euroblock connectors for LED power and general-purpose input/output (GPIO). Its flexible feature set includes a mic input, speaker output, headphone output, control input (Talk On, Vol. Up, Vol. Down, Channel Select), LED status output, and GPIO. ATUC-50 firmware version 1.6.1 is required to operate the ATUC-50IU. The ATUC-50IU is currently available.

The ATLK-EXT165 link extender (half-rack chassis) allows users to extend the ATUC-50CU cable runs in a system. The extender is equipped with two RJ45 ports through which it supplies DC +48V power to connected devices (ATUC-50DU, ATUC-50INT, ATUC-50IU and other compatible products). It can be set to power on/off automatically in tandem with a connected control unit or to operate locally, powering on/off with the press of its Mode switch. ATLK-EXT165 link extender supplies DC +48V power to connected devices, enabling extended cable runs. The unit features power overload protection, cutting power when drawn current is greater than 2.6A. The ATLK-EXT165 Link Extender is currently available.

Mark Donovan, CTS-D, CTS-I, Audio-Technica Sales Engineering manager, Professional Markets, states, “Expanding the list of complementary products to the ATUC-50 line provides an opportunity to broaden the potential applications for the system. These products are the next logical step in providing a comprehensive solution.”


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