Audio-Technica ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer Now Shipping

Update of the ATDM-0604 offers improved echo and noise-cancellation, remote LED control, cascade connectivity for up to eight mixers, expanded compatibility and more.
The new ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer from Audio-Technica.

Audio-Technica has announced the introduction of the ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer, an update of the ATDM-0604 that offers advanced functionality for use in a wide variety of applications such as meeting spaces and educational facilities in incorporating user feedback from system integrators.

Expanding on the feature set of the ATDM-0604, the ATDM-0604a offers improved echo and noise-cancellation performance; LED-based remote control of the Audio-Technica ES954 hanging microphone array via the GPO terminal; cascade connectivity for up to eight mixers sharing audio buses and SmartMix controls; and mic/line level support for input channels 1 to 6.

Proprietary SmartMixer technology allows channels to be mixed automatically in gate or gain sharing mode, ensuring consistent, quality audio output from all inputs in a setup. Controls and LED indicators on the mixer’s front panel allow users to adjust input/output and gain levels; set and recall presets; turn on/off phantom power, low-cut filter, automatic mixing and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) channel by channel; change IP configuration (Auto or Static); assign noise cancellation to any output channel and more.

A complement of digital signal processing is available for inputs and outputs. Input processing includes a four-band parametric EQ, compressor/de-esser. Eight 8-band feedback suppressors can be assigned to an input or output. Output processing includes a 12-band parametric EQ, compressor, and limiter. Control and monitoring tools are accessible locally on the front panel or via the Web Remote interface. IP-based external remote control is also supported.

The mixer is also equipped with six mic/line inputs and one unbalanced stereo input, along with two balanced (dual mono or stereo) and one unbalanced stereo output. A USB stereo input/output and network ports are also included, as are Audio-Technica Link ports that let users connect eight ATDM-0604a mixers via Cat-5e cable for simultaneous use within an expanded setup.

The new ATDM-0604a Digital SmartMixer is now available at U.S. MAP pricing of $1,299.