Audio Developers Conference Slated For November 14-16

In-person portion of event slated to present 65 talks, keynotes, panels, and workshops is sold out but tickets are still available to attend virtually.

The producers of the 8th Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC22) have announced that the in-person portion of their upcoming hybrid event in London slated for November 14-16 has sold out but that tickets are still available to attend using the Gather virtual venue platform at

The conference is slated to present 65 talks, keynotes, panels, and workshops that focus on audio development technologies that include music applications, gaming, audio processing, and embedded systems. Participants can acquire new skills and network for career development through direct contact with representatives from Apple, Focusrite, Avid, GPU Audio, Audiotonix, NVIDIA, and others for a price starting at £49 (approximately $56 US).

Online tickets provide access to the online conference, including online workshops, all talks, conference Discord server, and virtual exhibition room. Topics to be covered at ADC22 include:

— The Musical Instruments of Star Trek by Astrid Bin

— Incompleteness is a Feature Not a Bug by David Zicarelli

— Solving GPU Audio Processing Problems by GPU Audio and the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

— Audio Industry Health Check Panel with CEOs and CTOs from Focusrite, InMusic, Image-Line Software, and Source Elements

— Talk abstracts from the ADC Call for Papers chosen by the audio developer community

Go here for the complete line-up of talks and workshop.

This year’s conference will also offer several events that include “Celebrating Women in Audio” as well as feature an Accessibility Zone product showcase spearheaded by Jason Dasent.

“This event would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and shared vision of the ADC diversity and inclusion initiatives,” states Bobby Lombardi, chair of ADC. “We are grateful to be able to offer a record number of diversity scholarships and support for our new initiative, the ADC Accessibility Zone.”

To bring the social networking element to online attendees, the ADC team has built a virtual conference hall using the Gather platform. Virtual participants will create an avatar and enter a virtual conference hall to network, visit sponsor booths, access talks via conference rooms, and conduct meetings with other virtual guests in private spaces.

Contact Chandra Lynn of 3 RIng Circus at [email protected] for more information.

8th Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC22)

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