Audient Releases New ASP800 Eight-Channel Mic Preamp At Prolight + Sound

This year’s MusikMesse saw British console manufacturer, Audient release two breakthrough new products: iD14 interfaces (Read iD14 announcement here) and the ASP800 eight-channel mic pre & ADC for the home recording market.

“This is a really exciting time for the project recording market. Delivering the signature ASP console sound, iD14 and ASP800 certainly redefine the ease of music capture, and make what people love about Audient much more accessible to a wider market,” Audient’s Simon Blackwood says.

Aside from the eight console mic pres and two discrete JFET instrument inputs, ASP800 also has two ‘Retro Channels’ featuring tone controls HMX and IRON. HMX is a custom harmonic distortion designed to emulate the tones often associated with 1960s tube designs, while Audient’s brand new British transformer saturator, IRON instantly adds the transformer ‘zing’ of British audio in the 1970s.

Key features also include pristine 118-dB Burr-Brown A-D converter, ADAT connectivity, a Word Clock input, a -15dB Pad per channel and balanced analogue line outputs – all packed into a 1RU rackmount.

ASP800 will retail at $799 MAP.


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