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Audient Announces New iP14 Audio Interface At Prolight + Sound 2015

Bus-powered unit provides two channels of Audient console microphone preamps delivering 10 inputs/4 outputs with Burr-Brown AD converters

Audient has introduced the iD14, a new bus-powered audio interface offering two channels of Audient console microphone preamps delivering 10 inputs/4 outputs with Burr-Brown AD converters, housed in a desktop package.

“The Class A mic pres used are exactly what you’ll find in our stand-alone units and consoles, and the best you’ll find in any interface,” says Audient technical director Tom Waterman. “These, alongside the class-leading converters make iD14 an absolute audio powerhouse. You won’t find the audio performance of iD14 on any other audio interface in its price range.”

Proprietary ScrollControl turns the iD14’s volume encoder into a virtual scroll wheel, providing hands-on control. “With the touch of a button, you can adjust compatible DAW hosts, plug-in parameters, iD14’s mixer app and even scroll through your iTunes library and web browsers—just like you’re adjusting a piece of hardware,” Waterman explains.

When not using ScrollControl, the iD button can also be assigned to enable iD14’s console-style monitor control features, such as DIM, CUT, Polarity Reverse, Mono Sum, Talkback and Cue Mix monitoring, just as with the larger Audient iD22.

“The audio performance of iD14 is the best of any bus powered interface in its class,” Waterman adds. “We spent a long time optimizing the Burr-Brown converter layout, auditioned each building block during extended listening tests and paid very careful attention to the multi-stage regulated power supplies to match the sonics and performance of our acclaimed iD22 on bus power.”

“iD14 is one of the few audio interfaces in its price range that offers ADAT expandability,” he continues. “So adding external mic pres, such as the (new) ASP800 can give you up to 10 inputs—perfect if you need to record drums or if you simply need more channels.”

The iD14 will retail at $299 (MAP). Ship date will be announced soon.


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