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New AUDAC VEXO series loudspeakers are available in North America via distributor A.C. ProMedia.

AUDAC Announces New VEXO Series High-Output Loudspeakers

Two-way loudspeakers available in six models including active and passive versions; 70/100-volt line transformer modules are also offered for the passive variants.

Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC has announced the new VEXO series of high-output loudspeakers consisting of six models, including VEXO110(A), VEXO112(A), and VEXO115(A), that are available both in active and passive versions. Toronto-based A.C. ProMedia is the North American distributor of AUDAC products.

The low-frequency transducer is combined with a 1.7-inch voice coil compression driver in a design to foster higher sound pressure levels and tighter driver response. The high-frequency horn offers dispersion of 90 by 70 degrees. The VEXO110 has stated program power handling of 600 watts (1200 watts peak); the VEXO112 achieves 800 watts (1600 watts peak); and the VEXO115 is stated to handle 1000 watts (2000 watts peak). Optional 70/100-volt line transformer modules are also available for the passive variants.

When not in use, the active versions of the VEXO series devices automatically go into an energy-saving standby mode. The 12 mm plywood cabinet construction with a polyurethane coating and a DuraCoat top surface is designed for durability. The front side is finished with a powder-coated steel grille with acoustical foam to help make loudspeaker ball impact-proof as well for fixed installations in indoor sports facilities.

The VEXO series comes equipped with a variety of mounting possibilities. All models are standard fitted with a 35 mm pole adapter and a number of rigging points and holes pattern to be compatible with brackets and installation accessories. The optional Clever U-bracket allows users to mount the two-way cabinet both horizontally and vertically, while an inclination of -90 to +35 degress helps foster optimal positioning. This optional MBK bracket permits mounting to the ceiling.

The active variant of has a suite of inputs. When installing the ANI44XT Dante audio network interface in the active loudspeaker, users can integrate the VEXO series into any Dante/AES67-enabled AV network and transfer digital audio with any compatible products on the market. Active versions also incorporate proprietary WaveDynamics, allowing users to load in any preset for full range, satellite, and custom configurations via the USB slot on the back. The AUDAC Touch system control application facilitates equalization and the creation of presets.

In addition, the ANI44XT ensures that the VEXO series is also TouchLink compatible and allows the creation of virtual zones by linking multiple loudspeakers together.

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