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Attero Tech Now Shipping AES67 Networked Audio Products

New endpoints designed for interoperability with all Dante AES67-enabled technologies offer integration into QSC's Q-SYS Designer software.

Attero Tech is now shipping the recently-announced line of AES67 networked audio endpoint products.

Built from the ground up, these AES67 products enable Attero Tech’s innovative audio connectivity technologies to interface with the AES67 enabled Q-SYS Platform from QSC. The new AES67 enabled products are also designed for interoperability with all Dante AES67-enabled technologies, providing flexibility for systems leveraging AES67 as a bridge between modern audio networking platforms.

“The addition of AES67 interoperability allows Attero Tech to bring our networked audio connectivity solutions to integrators and end users who have adopted the Q-SYS platform as their primary AVC solution, without the need for additional interface cards or conversion products,” observes Josh Arnold, Attero Tech product manager.

“QSC is excited to see Attero Tech supporting AES67, joining over 200 compliant products in our industry,” adds Martin Barbour, product manager for Installed Systems, QSC. “Furthermore, the software-based architecture of the Q-SYS Platform is allowing manufacturers like Attero Tech to develop and support their own integration plugins for Q-SYS, bringing incredible ease of use to installations.”

In addition to basic audio interoperability, all Attero Tech endpoints will offer control integration into Q-SYS Designer software using Q-SYS plugins, developed and supported by Attero Tech. Some of these plugins are already shipping with Q-SYS Designer v6.2, with additional plugins made available through Attero Tech’s customer portal for download.

Attero Tech’s new plugins provide the ability to configure parameters, including preamp controls and I/O levels, routing configurations, and device status updates. Real-time control of Attero Tech product parameters can be easily added to Q-SYS native touchscreen controllers and other Q-SYS enabled software user control interfaces, eliminating the need to integrate and program costly third-party controllers.

Screenshot of Attero Tech’s plugin for Q-SYS Designer managing the unAX2IO+ wall plate.


Attero Tech’s AES67 solutions offer 48kHz, 24-bit uncompressed digital audio with 1ms end-to-end latency and system-wide sample synchronization, support for PTPv2 master or slave operation, and SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) based stream identification for use with applications supporting SAP Stream Discovery (Dante Controller, Q-SYS Designer, unIFY Control Panel v3.0 and greater).

Available now and included with Q-SYS Designer v6.2 are plugins for Attero Tech’s audio wall plate and flange mount products, including:

— unA6IO: AES67 networked audio wall plate – 4×2 Multi I/O
— unAX4I: AES67 networked audio wall plate – 4×2 Mic/Line I/O (4 Mic)
— unAX2IO+ : AES67 networked audio wall plate – 4×2 Mic/Line I/O (2 Mic)
— unA6IO-BT : AES67 networked audio wall plate – 4×2 Multi I/O with Bluetooth
— unAIO2x2+ : AES67 networked audio interface – 2×2 Mic/Line I/O

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