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ATC Monitors Help Michael Bishop Earn HIs Ninth Grammy Award For Surround Album

ATS's revealed sonic information critical in a real-time mix.

Engineer Michael Bishop and Producer Elaine Martone have created a Super Audio CD release currently available on Telarc Records entitled Transmigration.

The recording recently won “Best Surround Sound Album” at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, which earning Bishop his ninth Grammy and Martone her fifth.

Bishop relied on ATC monitors throughout recording, mixing and mastering phases for his monitoring chain.

Transmigration a collection of hymns and requiems, features the compositions of Samuel Barber, John Corigliano, Jennifer Higdon, and John Adams performed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Choruses.

Bishop used creative mic placement to reposition things sonically in the surround sound field. This had the dual advantage of allowing him to “move” players in real-time by mixing in different mics as appropriate for the score.

“The tricky part of all of this was that I was executing the mix in real-time, committing only the six mixed channels to our Sonoma DSD workstation,” said Bishop. “Having five ATC SCM 150 monitors on hand was critical. I went into this with an idea of what I wanted in my head.”

“The process of positioning, mic’ing, and mixing the players is the realization of that idea, which of course remains flexible to the sort of inspiration that can happen in the moment. The ATC SCM 150s close the loop on what I’m expecting, what I’m hearing, and what I can anticipate later in post and mastering. And they do it with an honesty that can be frustratingly elusive with other monitors.”

“I’ve been working on the ATCs for so long,” said Bishop. “I rely on their ability to deliver recordings that translate on any system. They are effortless to mix on because I don’t need to do any mental compensation – I know exactly what the mix will sound like elsewhere.”

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