Astoria’s Melrose Ballroom Installs EAW For Concerts, Events And Live Performance

The Melrose Ballroom in Astoria, NY opened its doors in early March to rave reviews, featuring sound reinforcement systems from Boston-based Audio Spectrum that are headed by a variety of EAW loudspeakers.

The 8,000-square-foot, 1,200-capacity live venue is designed to serve everything from smaller private parties to full-production events, with Audio Spectrum designing and installing two distinct systems to perfectly meet this wide range of demands.

The main performance stage is served by a concert-level system headed by EAW KF740 line arrays, with left-right hangs each comprised of six of the 3-way, full range array modules.

“The original design did not call for a line array,” explains Rafael Jaimes, president of Audio Spectrum. “But the fact that bands now demand such configurations, combined with my hands-on experience with EAW KF Series line arrays, convinced me this was truly the best approach.”

The KF740, which generates tremendous output from a relatively compact footprint, delivers very tight pattern control thanks to EAW’s proprietary approach of utilizing dual 62 mm voice coil HF compression drivers and dual 8-in Concentric Summation Array (CSA) loaded MF transducers integrated through a common horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure.

Coverage is extended to the tough-to-cover mezzanine seating as well as the very back of the long room with five EAW VFR89i two-way, full-range loudspeakers that are time-delayed in relation to the mains. Jaimes notes that the compact VFR89i loudspeakers “match perfectly with the KF740s to produce even, consistent sound throughout the entire performance space.”

All loudspeakers are driven by Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers joined by two EAW UX8000 digital signal processors in the house racks. The processors deliver all processing parameters as well as precision EAW Focusing settings that are matched to each loudspeaker and array.

Additional low-end energy is supplied by a center-flown cluster of four EAW SB2001 dual-21-inch subwoofers. Audio Spectrum decided to arrange the subs in a cardioid configuration to more tightly focus their output, again keeping energy more tightly focused within the space.

The other primary area of the Melrose Ballroom is the rooftop Lounge, which as the name implies, is located above the main performance state. It’s outfitted with a high-impact dance system featuring the latest generation of EAW Avalon Series loudspeakers. This system can receive a program feed from the main system as well as deliver it’s own discrete programming.

“The Avalon loudspeakers are exactly what that space needed,” says Jaimes. “These boxes produce excellent coverage for club-style events, with their clarity and bass response both outstanding.”

The Avalon set for the Lounge includes three CLUB.four loudspeakers joined by two CLUB.three models arranged to cover all areas of the indoor/outdoor space. Both of these full-range models feature coaxial designs, with each CLUB.four also housing 12-inch woofer and each CLUB.three sporting a 15-inch woofer, both enhanced by tuned spacing designs.

Even more LF response is delivered by dual Avalon SUB.two subwoofers with a truly unique hybrid design—2 x 12-inch on a bent bass horn and single 21-inch vented —to deliver both extreme extension and the massive physical impact.

“The two sound systems fill their spaces effortlessly and produce flawless audio.” Jaimes concludes. “The live performance area boasts a powerful line array, the elegant DJ lounge offers superior dance club enclosures, and we were able to deliver ownership exactly what they wanted, much to their satisfaction.”

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