Ashly Audio Now Shipping New CA & FA Series Power Amplifiers Designed For System Interation

Both new series come in a variety of configurations and are equipped with several newly developed proprietary technologies.
Front and back panel views of one of the new CA Series power amplifiers from Ashly Audio.

Ashly Audio has announced that its new CA Series and FA Series power amplifiers, both incorporating several new proprietary technologies, are now shipping worldwide.

“Both product lines are designed specifically to meet integrators’ major needs,” says Noel Larson, vice president of marketing and business development at Ashly. “Further, the specific enabling technologies we’ve developed to bring these solutions to market are truly cutting edge.

“The CA Series utilizes proprietary designs that show, in our testing, that they are the most efficient amplifiers on the market,” he continues. “Meanwhile, the FA Series is bringing the form factor of Ashly power amplification down to an incredibly small size, allowing for more integration options across houses of worship, schools, corporate environments, and the retail and hospitality space.”

The new CA Series comes in six different configurations – three two-channel models and three four-channel models – offered in 500-, 1,000- and 1,500-watts per channel (at 4 ohms) versions, and they are stated to also operate at 2 ohms. As a result, it’s possible to drive up to thirty-two 32-ohm selectable Ashly IS Series loudspeakers from a single 4-channel CA amplifier. All models also provide 70-and 100-volt operation. Interconnect facilities include Euroblock and XLR combo connectors.

The series is also equipped with new, proprietary D-MAX technology that combines smart amplifier design, a fast switching power supply with silicon dioxide semiconductors and diodes, and intelligent power management. The technology is stated to allow utilizing two CA 1.54s (6,000 watts total each) on a single 20-amp service.

In addition, the CA Series is outfitted with proprietary Dynamic Power-Factor Correction, designed to add a level of intelligence to power utilization efficiency by accurately tracking fluctuations in current, rather than sampling at the peaks. Also, a new SailFlow cooling design implements a bi-lateral air-cooling system designed to maintain a low operational temperature. Directing internal airflow strictly over the areas that generate the most hea rather than arbitrarily over the whole amp in intended to enhance reliable and stable operation, even under heavy loads.

Meanwhile, the new FA Series includes two half-RU versions in 4-channel (4 x 125 watts) or 2-channel (2 x 125 watts) configurations. A 1RU models is also available in a 4-channel (4 x 250 watts) configuration. These configurations are designed to allow for installation in very tight spaces, such as under conference tables, beneath reception area counters, and behind big-screen TVs, and anywhere else a larger amplifier just won’t fit.

The series also offers proprietary power sharing features. Models FA-125.2 and FA-125.4 can share between channel pairs, up to a total of 250 watts total per pair. This means a system can be designed, for example, with a 180-watt load on one channel and 70 watts on the other. Or, if only a single channel is driven, the entire 250 watts can be utilized to drive a heavier load such as a subwoofer. Finally, all models also incoroporate cooling technologies designed to provide energy savings, joined by quiet fans.

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