Ashly Audio Now Shipping mXa-1502 Integrated Mixer-Amplifier

First Ashly product working with new AquaControl software, with control layer providing a complement of DSP that includes routing, auto-mixing, ducking, amp monitoring, event scheduling and triggering.
new Ashly Audio Mixer Amplifier
The new mXa-1502 mixer-amplifier from Ashly Audio.

Ashly Audio is now shipping the new mXa-1502 integrated mixer-amplifier that provides four zones of mixing and DSP, two 150-watt amplifiers, and programmable mic preamps all in a rack-mountable unit.

“The reception we’ve received since introducing the ground-breaking mXa-1502 has been incredible,” says Noel Larson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ashly Audio. “Since the unveiling we’ve been working tirelessly to this moment, where we could announce the mXa-1502 is ready to be shipped to all.”

It’s also the first product from Ashly that works in tandem with new AquaControl software. On the mXa-1502, the control layer provides a complement of digital signal processing, including routing, auto-mixing, ducking, amplifier monitoring, event scheduling and triggering.

With an estimated street price point of $1,799, the mXa-1502 is positioned to help integrators serve clients among the small- and medium-sized business sectors of retail, hospitality, and house of worship.

“This mXa-1502 brings professional audio at a price that works among the small- and medium-sized businesses that can truly benefit from a pro audio solution,” Larson notes. “This will help integrators reach new clients, integrate more effectively, and ultimately build long term partnerships with their end users.”

Another key component of the mXa-1502 is the mixer amp’s built-in web server, which offers a web-based control platform. If an end user requires assistance, an integrator can first login to the controls online before needing to travel to the site.

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