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Ashly Audio Announces Trade-In Program For digiMIX18 Digital Mixers

$200 trade-in offered for users who upgrade to direct drop-in, 16-preamp digital replacement for many analog mixers before the end of September.

Ashly Audio’s digiMIX18 digital mixer is a direct drop-in, 16-preamp digital replacement for many analog mixers– and those who make the upgrade before the end of September will receive $200 for turning in their old, analog device.

The process is simple: purchase an Ashly digiMIX18 digital mixer from an authorized Ashly dealer before the end of business on Sept. 30, 2018, fill out a trade-in form available online at, ship proof of purchase of the new digital mixer along with your old mixer to Ashly, and receive a $200 check for making the switch.

“The digiMIX18 provides an amazing upgrade from your old analog mixer and there has never been a better time to make the switch,” says Noel Larson, VP marketing at Ashly Audio. “The ability to directly drop in the Ashly digiMIX18 as a replacement for these old analog mixers is a perfect, straight-forward upgrade to any PA system.”

The digiMIX18’s EZ Mode makes control simple for users of any skill level. Churches can create presets for the main service, evening and Wednesday services, weddings, youth activities, and more that are available at the push of a button. School auditoriums or sports fields can also benefit with presets for games, pep rallies, concerts, and other events. No training necessary.

The 16 low-noise, high-headroom microphone preamps and stereo analog inputs allow for a simple transition to a new digital system, and the USB direct output for webcasts/DAW recording allow for audio flexibility.

The digiMIX18 also boasts the DSP equivalent of a whole rack of parametric and graphic EQ, comp/limiters, expander/gates, up to 300ms delay, multi-FX processors with reverb, delay, chorus and more.

Upgrading and using the digiMIX18 live control surface allows optimum control when selecting important functions. Simply select any channel to assign the fader to an individual channel and the intelligent meter bridge will not only display signal levels, but also all fader positions. Meanwhile, you can use the 7-inch LCD touchscreen to navigate menus and toggle to various settings quickly and intuitively.

Further, while no iPad is required for operation – thanks to a combination of both digital control components and real knobs and a live fader – the free Ashly digiMIX iPad app allows remote control for live performances, freeing up the need for a dedicated operator sitting at the mixer.

For more information on the trade-in offer, visit the link below.

Ashly Audio

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