Ashly Audio Announces Pêma Now Shipping

Ashly Audio has announced that they are shipping the first batch of pêmas; Protea Equipped Media Amplifier.

The pêma integrates Ashly’s open-architecture DSP functionality into their multi-channel amplifiers, all in a two-rack space unit, lowering overall system cost, occupying less space, and improving energy efficiency.

Four and eight amplifier channel versions are available at both 125 and 250 Watts per channel.

“Pêma changes the way consultants and integrators approach sound system design. With only the addition of input sources and output speakers, pêma is capable of handling everything else for small- to mid-sized sound systems,” said Dave Parse, CEO of Ashly Audio.

“Pêma is a ‘house-of-worship-in-a-box’ ‘restaurant-in-a-box’ ‘bar-in-a-box,’ ‘retail store-in-a-box,’ or a ‘courtroom-it-in-a-box.’”

“Pêma delivers an elegant solution with less cabling, less rack space, and less installation time, using proven DSP and amplifier technology that will awe clients with its simplicity, sophistication, and reliability.”

In addition to DSP algorithms such as ambient noise compensation, advanced automatic feedback suppression, automatic mixer, and a full complement of filters, EQs, and delays, pêma offers DSP control of the amplifier functionality as well.

This control includes selection of bridge-mode operation, HPF settings for constant voltage system networks, stereo-linking of channel pairs, MIC/LINE/TEL-PAGE functions on channel 1, full control of ducking priorities, and full-range remote-gain control capability. Full 96kHz performance is available on 32-bit SHARC processors for utterly transparent audio.

All set up is accomplished using standard 10/100 Ethernet protocol and Ashly’s Protea NE Software on a PC platform. Hot-plug DSP placement allows users to insert any function into any channel block, even when running live audio.

Automatic DHCP network IP configuration reduces network set up time. Lockable front panel controls and multi-level software security with password access guarantee a tamperproof audio system.

“We encourage everyone to install some happiness… install a pêma,” said Parse.”


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