ARX Systems Introduces Q Switch Quad-Channel Stereo Switcher

ARX Systems has announced the addition of the Q Switch quad-channel stereo switcher to its popular AudiBox range of audio tools.

It provides audio switching, with multiple inputs to one output, and vice versa, and is especially suited for powered loudspeaker demonstrations and uses, as well as a number of live sound and studio switching applications.

The passive device requires no power and accepts both balanced and unbalanced signals.

Careful user-friendly annotation makes it easy to understand and to see which input or output is being switched. A bank of four latching interlocked switches means that only one switch can be selected at a time. A ‘scribble-strip’ allows writing.labeling above each switch with a Chinagraph or grease pencil, making it easy to confirm what is being switched.

The Qswitch has TipRingSleeve jack sockets which accept balanced or unbalanced signals.

The heavy duty all-steel chassis is finished in attractive matt textured powdercoat, with epoxy screen printing and slip resistant rubber pads.

Security features include Kensington-type computer lock slot and optional bracket kit for under-table mounting.

ARX Systems Website

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