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Arts & Technology College In Canada Adds SSL ORIGIN For Its Recording Engineering — Music Production Program

Learning basic operations of an analog desk designed to provide students with a solid foundation in music production technology at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario.
A student at work on the SSL ORIGIN analog console in the Recording Engineering – Music Production program at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario.

Applied arts and technology school Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario acquired a Solid State Logic ORIGIN analog in-line mixing console at the beginning of the current academic year to support its new two-year Recording Engineering – Music Production program.

The ORIGIN is part of a studio package supplied by Studio Economik of Montreal, including an SSL Fusion processor, that instructors are using to familiarize students with analog music production hardware. “A lot of our student are used to using the computer and have never worked on a console. They’re not familiar with what a console is capable of,” explains Ben Leggett, professor and coordinator on the new program at the college, which is located about 180 miles due north of Toronto.

Leggett is a JUNO Award-nominated producer, engineer and mixer working in music production and film post production, and also has his own recording studio in North Bay. “I wanted to get the ORIGIN because of the EQ on each channel, and how you can shape the sound with the four bands, just like you can in the computer,” he says. “So we’re able to show students how to apply EQ manually with a physical piece of equipment. Another big thing is getting students to understand how the routing works, and how it’s very much the same in a DAW and a console, and having that lightbulb go off.”

For a generation of students that has only ever worked on a computer, the console also enables faculty members to highlight some of the differences between analog and digital audio processing. “Sonically, you can crank the console’s EQ knob all the way and it still sounds good, as opposed to digital, which sometimes doesn’t do the same thing,” Leggett notes. “The sonic quality that the console will add when you push a signal into it is different. Depending on what you’re going for, you can push the signal louder into the SSL console and it will give you a different sound than pushing it into a computer program.”

The new control room is housed in a former television broadcast studio on the campus that the college enlarged during summer 2020 to provide space for the recording engineering program. It’s adjacent to a 40-foot by 40-foot multi-use space that is available for tracking and is also used as a TV broadcast studio. “But in front of the ORIGIN console there’s a small space where you can set up a small drum kit or other instruments and do some recording,” adds Leggett.

The control room’s outboard racks house a wide selection of processing and effects equipment along with Amphion, Neumann and Avantone monitors. “Each of them sounds completely different,” he says of the speakers, providing students with a variety of references.

Canadore College was able to maintain in-person instruction during the pandemic for the duration of the academic year, which ended in April. “We had to reduce our class sizes,” says Leggett, due to the pandemic. “But it worked out for the better because smaller class sizes meant more hands-on time with the console for students.”

The fact that there is no automation on the ORIGIN is an additional benefit to the new program, he believes. “We want to mix on the console without automation. You do a pass and that’s the mix. If you want to do it again, you have to go back to where you started,” he says. “We also have a little digital mixer with automation so you can do a version with the computer, or you can take the whole console out of the equation and work digitally or have them work together.”

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