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ART Equips New Trans X Preamp With Jensen Transformers

Ontario, Canada based Applied Research and Technology adds JT-11K8-APC transformers to new two-channel solid state preamp.

Jensen Transformers announces that Jensen mic input transformers were specified for the newly released ART Trans X two-channel solid state preamp by Ontario, Canada based Applied Research and Technology.

The JT-11K8-APC mic input transformers block RF and other noise using internal Faraday shielding. These virtually eliminate hum and buzz. They are enclosed in MuMETAL magnetic shielding cans to reduce hum caused by nearby magnetic fields.

As with all Jensen Transformers, the JT-11K8-APC offer extended low-frequency and Bessel-tailored high-frequency responses, which results in the low time-domain distortion (DLP).

Jensen Transformers

ART Trans X

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