ARGOSY Introduces The Eclipse GII Modular Console Solution

Latest technical workstation design offers new features and a number of audio and video accessory enhancements.

ARGOSY Console announces the next generation in their line of technical workstation solutions – the Eclipse GII. 

The newest modular workstation suitable for virtually any control surface or mixer features a number of design enhancements which offer even more space, stability and flexibility.

The GII integrates a number of features specifically for the audio/video professional – including multi-position pull-out keyboard trays, articulating monitor arms and near-field speaker platforms featuring IsoAcoustics Aperta acoustic isolation stands.

The Eclipse GII, with its updated silhouette and finish, offers even more space than its popular predecessor.

This includes 33% more space in the rack module – now 8 spaces instead of 6 – and nearly 5-inches more rack space depth, as well as an improved rack angle for better control panel visibility.  Other features include a wider and more comfortable armrest, as well as more legroom.

The new GII is also features stronger steel floor assemblies added inside the rack module, as well as new tubular steel console supports with levels, for improved stability and electronics ventilation.

Ease-of-setup and flexibility are also hallmarks of the new GII, which features aluminum chassis rails which extend end to end without obstruction, allowing for flexible and precise accessory placement anywhere along the front and back of the desk. And a number of performance accessories have been added with the workflow of the audio/video professional in mind: pull-keyboard trays that can be positioned anywhere under the front of the control surface, articulating monitor arms, and near-field speaker platforms with built-in decoupling stands from IsoAcoustics.

The new ARGOSY Eclipse GII workstation is designed for models including the Avid S6, Yamaha CL3, CL 5 and Nuage, as well as a universal Workstation model. The workstation version is made to accommodate any control surface, offering a solid, flat desk area with the flexibility to suit smaller control surfaces and mixers.

“ARGOSY is continually speaking to our customers and getting their feedback about the ways in which they work, and how we can help improve their comfort and their workflow,” says Tim Thompson, president of ARGOSY.  “We are proud to respond to our customer’s needs and requests by designing the GII.  Now all of our clients can enjoy the flexibility, functionality, space, stability and sleekness that the new Eclipse GII offers.” 

Argosy is now accepting orders both for the Eclipse GII Console system for the AVID S6 – from small 16 fader systems, to larger models with unlimited expansion capabilities, as well as the Yamaha CL3, CL5 and Nuage models. Universal Eclipse Workstation models are also now available, as well as quotes for custom Eclipse GII solutions for a variety of other mixers and control surfaces.


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