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Are You Always ON? A Bit Of Perspective For The “Amrchair Audio Experts”

A live show is supposed to have a little hair on it. I mean really. Get over it.

It’s Super Bowl time, and all the experts on the ProSoundWeb forums are telling us how they just know what parts of the halftime show were ‘live’ and what were pre-recorded tracks. Or whatever.

Pre-recorded tracks can make what is already a technical nightmare a bit less terrifying to those involved. As long as it’s the same person live and on the recording, what’s the big deal?

Oh yeah, just because the video is out of sync with the audio does not mean it’s because the audio is pre-recorded. Audio/video sync has its own special set of complications that a lot of us who deal with just audio don’t really understand.

Then there is the discussion of the distortion that could be heard when Bruce Springsteen yelled into his microphone at the start of the show. We also know how live musicians hit harder at show time than in rehearsal.

I’d certainly be annoyed if the distortion at the beginning continued throughout the performance, but it was taken care of, and the show was all good.

Hey, a live show is supposed to have a little hair on it.

I really think all these “Armchair Audio Experts” need to lighten up and just take pleasure in a show once in a while. I mean really. Get over it.

It doesn’t really matter if you could have done a better job, or conversely, if the technical aspects of the production would send you running for the hills – you’re still just a part of the audience. Like 94 million or so other people.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

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