Live Sound International – September 2018

Delivering The Exceptional - Inside the concert sound design for Sam Smith on tour

By PSW Staff September 6, 2018

This issue of Live Sound International delivers an inside look at the concert sound design for the Sam Smith tour along with offerings from veteran pro audio engineers on their preferences for system tuning.  And, find out the results of an interesting experiment with placing AC power wires near audio wiring. Did it create a hum?

As always, there’s much more.  Enjoy the issue!


Peak power: Marketing dream, bad science, or both?


An investigation into the effects of clipping.


Unpopular opinions – cutting through the noise to get more signal.

Ask Jonah

Console matrix functions and processing compatibility.

Backstage Class

A discussion of system performance consistency.


Unusual microphone approaches that get the job done.

Dynamic Directions

Mix engineer Sean Quackenbush on building his career and more.

Real World Gear

Large-format line array design and a look at recent models.


Talking shop with front of house engineer Ryan O John.

Road Test

Evaluating the recently released Yamaha DXS15mkII subwoofer platform.


Guerrilla mixing: Making it happen when the chips are down.


A manufacturer perspective on the wireless system market.


Scaling up systems for the Dallas-Fort Worth festival circuit

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